What is the VM Image Password?

Are you wondering about login credentials for the downloaded image? No worries. Here you can find a list of passwords.

Search your image and get the password.

The username and password will be the same for all versions of a specific operating system.

CentOS centos / centos
Ubuntu ubuntu / ubuntu
Debian debian / debian
Fedora fedora / fedora
Linux Mint linuxmint / linuxmint
MX Linux mxlinux / mxlinux
Manjaro manjaro / manjaro
Elementary OS elementaryos / elementaryos
Solus OS solus / solus
Deepin deepin / deepin
KDE neon kdeneon / kdeneon
Antix antix / antix
Kubuntu kubuntu / kubuntu
Pop!_OS popos / popos
openSUSE opensuse / opensuse
EndeavourOS endeavouros / endeavouros
Lubuntu lubuntu / lubuntu
Arch Linux archlinux / archlinux
Ubuntu Kylin ubuntukylin / ubuntukylin
ArcoLinux arcolinux / arcolinux

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