KDE neon Linux VM Images for VirtualBox and VMware


KDE neon is a Linux distribution developed by KDE based on the most recent Ubuntu long-term support (LTS) release, bundled with a set of additional software repositories containing the latest 64-bit versions of the Plasma 5 desktop environment/framework, Qt 5 toolkit and other compatible KDE software.

First announced in June 2016 by Kubuntu founder Jonathan Riddell following his departure from Canonical (Ubuntu’s parent company), it has been adopted by a steadily growing number of Linux users, regularly appearing in the Top 20 on DistroWatch.com’s popularity tables.

It targets the same user demographic as Ubuntu’s official KDE Plasma-focused distribution, Kubuntu, differing primarily in the much shorter time-frame for users to receive updated Qt and KDE software. It is offered in four release channels: User, Testing, Unstable and Developer Editions.

Here, we provide ready to use KDE neon VirtualBox and VMware images for urgent requirements. The VirtualBox and VMware images are created in such a way that they are less in size but contains all the standard packages required for instant run.

KDE neon User(20200326-1117)

VirtualBox Image (Size 2.5 GB)
VMWare Image (Size 2.4GB)

VM images comes pre-installed with VirtualBox Guest Additions / Open VM Tools for better performance.

Important Information


vCPU: 1



  swap : 2GB

  /       : 97GB

Network: Bridged

Username: kdeneon

Password : kdeneon

(to become root, use sudo su -)

How To Use

You can visit our dedicated section on how to import virtual machine images on VirtualBox and VMware Workstation.


Thank you for downloading ready to use KDE neon VM images. Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section.