Linux Lite 5.4 Linux VM Images for VirtualBox and VMware


Linux Lite is a lightweight operating system based on Ubuntu and Debian. It was created to provide a more user-friendly experience for computers with low resources, but it’s also great for older machines that are still in use. With Linux Lite OS, you can enjoy the same benefits as Ubuntu without any of the hassles.

Thanks to Xfce desktop. Linux Lite OS has a lot of customizable options regarding how you can customize your desktop, including wallpapers (or backgrounds), themes, and icons. You can also change the desktop to your liking with a few clicks of the mouse.

Linux Lite was created to make the transition from a Windows-based operating system to Linux seamless. This is done by providing familiar software programs like Skype, Steam, and Spotify, a free office suite, and an environment that resembles Windows OS.

Linux Lite 5.4 was released on 1 April 2021, and it comes with updated themes, wallpapers, and help manuals.

  1. OS Base: 20.04.2
  2. Kernel v5.4.0-70
  3. Firefox: 87.0
  4. Thunderbird: 78.7.1
  5. LibreOffice:
  6. VLC:
  7. Gimp: 2.10.18

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Linux Lite 5.4


MD5 - 9656e906bbfa8950eaff1b615cf779df

SHA-1 - 21abfbcad401d3d284ba14f9da5a4f2126d5fd63


MD5 - 00bfbe8b1be6df92b2545e6f546e87c6

SHA-1 - b1d1bd76f97a0c4df743c96a9307518a52c0f563

Important Information


vCPU: 2



  /boot : 512 MB

  /       : 500 GB

  swap : 1GB

Network: NAT

Username: linuxlite

Password : linuxlite

(to become root, use sudo su -)

Import VM Image

You can visit our dedicated section on how to import virtual machine images on VirtualBox and VMware Workstation.


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